A new European regulation

A new regulation has been initiated by the European Parliament as part of the long term to reduce the power consumption in Europe related to air conditioning business and other home appliance as well like air to water heat pump,air handling, ventilation etc

The new regulation is in application since January 01 2013, The products under this scope are Air conditioners, Single or Multi splits with a nominal capacity below 12kW and based on Air to Air concept. Unit based on water condensing method are out of this regulation.

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sterionizerAt work, at home or in public facilities, many researches show that we are spending 90 % of our time inside.

We are usually involved in the outdoor air quality whether the indoor one should be also a priority for our health.

The sterionizer for indoor air treatment illustrates AIRWELL’s desire for innovation. This technology generates negative and positive oxygen ions causing an electrical chemical reaction that eradicates viruses, bacteria… it purifies the air inside the house, neutralizes odors and reduces significantly allergies. Your comfort becomes optimal.

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