AVEL : All the colors of your well-being


A concrete commitment serve you better. S’adapter sans cesse à vos besoins. We offer truly customizable and energy efficient air-conditioning solutions.

So, for you and your customers’ well-being, AVEL adapts itself to all your spaces :

1/ Efficient services for quality follow-up

To overcome installations and after-sales problems, AVEL partnership with AIRWELL, a leading European air-conditioning specialist, will allow wide choice and high quality services. Keeping our customers happy and meeting all their expectations about our products is our Top priority.

2/ Spare parts optimum response times

The supply of original Airwell spare parts is highly significant for the reliability of our installations. With this in mind, AVEL is your dedicated contact.

3/ You are not comfortable with Export (overseas and/ or inland transportation) and duties formalities.

YOU can order and AVEL can take care of all the other formalities.

4/ You are a professional:

Installer or Distributor. You wish to promote AIRWELL brand on your market.

AVEL will be your trustworthy partner. You will save time dealing with a SOLE correspondent on any subjects (commercial, technical, supply chain, transportation…). YOU take care of your customers And WE take care of your satisfaction