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CCV 900 x 900

Cassette 900 x 900

Tertiaire @enVRF flowlogic system

CCV, Cassette 900×900 is easily settled in the ceiling little spaces.

Résumé des caractéristiques

→ Compact design
→ Advance structure facilitating cleaning and installation
→ Fresh air inlet
→ New particular panel design
→ EEV inside
→ Wired controller RWV01 included on standard

Avantages produit

→ Adopt the compact design the thick of the main body is only 290mm. So even the inner space of the ceiling is narrow the unit can also be installed easily.
→ The suction grille can be rotated by 90° and its installation direction can be selected randomly.
→ Pre-set fresh air inlet, can introduce the outside fresh air into the room, greatly improve the indoor air quality (optional).
→ From small to big size use the same appearance panel, harmony with the environment and with consistance appearance.

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High efficiency heat transfer

VRF flowlogic system

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HRV is a reliable product with numerous ways of functioning. HRV is the solution used for the big volumes.


Water console

Cooling : 3.6 kW – Heating : 4kW

Tertiaire @enVRF flowlogic system

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Compact and quiet, the EAV air-conditioning system is provided with a high efficiency filter G3. EAV associates, internal well-being and air quality.


Ducted low static pressure

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Tertiaire @enVRF flowlogic system

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Ducted low static pressure

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VRF flowlogic system

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