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DAF 68-136

Ducted from 68 to 136 / Fixed Speed Units

Fixed speed unitsResidential

Settled in the ceiling, this product suits in the buildings which require an invisible installation. From 20 to 39,5 kW power, the reversible solution DAF 68 to 136 allies quality, reliability and small size.

The Ducted air conditioning provides climate controlled comfort. The indoor unit located within the ceiling is extremely discreet.


→ Ducted line available in capacities from 20 kW up to 39.5 kW.
→ Cooling & heating operation mode.
→ “I feel” function with precise room temperature control.
→ Available in 3PH from 10 kW.

Product advantages

→ Wired (IR receiver integrated) and wireless remote controls provided as standard.
→ Self diagnostic (error indications) in remote the wired remote control for ease of maintenance.
→ Space saving due to low unit height.
→ Centralized controller up to 16 units including weekly timer (optional).


Product only available ex-factory (minimum order quantity = a container)

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