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Ducted air to air system / Cooling capacity only or cooling and heating mode

Tertiary air conditioners

DK DN is a compact casing for average and big spaces designed to resist.

Résumé des caractéristiques

→ Cooling and heating mode
→ Cooling Capacity: from 12.1 to 83 kW
→ Heating Capacity: from 12.4 to 83.8 kW
→ Refrigerant: R407C
→ Sizes: 12
→ Configuration: Packaged Split system

Avantages produit

→ Weather resistant casing with external panels coated with powder-based epoxy paint colour RAL 9001.
→ Indoor centrifugal fan units for duct network connection.
→ High static pressure available.
→ Multi-position architecture for horizontal or vertical mounting (acc. to models).
→ Compact, top discharge outdoor fan units.
→ Low noise axial fan.
→ Scroll compressor with crankcase heater.
→ Electrical, refrigeration and thermal protection devices.
→ Phase controller.
→ External HP and LP pressure taps.
→ Frame and air filter supplied.

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High efficiency heat transfer

VRF flowlogic system

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HRV is a reliable product with numerous ways of functioning. HRV is the solution used for the big volumes.


Ducted low static pressure

Cooling : from 5.6 to 11.2 kW – Heating : from 6.3 to 12.5 kW

Tertiaire @enVRF flowlogic system

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Its high efficiency filter G3 improves clearly the air quality. Medium-pressure duct-type DBV is the priority solution for your big spaces.


Ducted low static pressure

Cooling : 2.8 kW – Heating : 3.2kW

VRF flowlogic system

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Quiet and efficient, the DAV system, duct-type low-pressure, is the ideal solution in hotel businesses.

CCV 900 x 900

Cassette 900 x 900

Cooling : from 7.1 to 14 kW – Heating : from 8 to 16 kW

Tertiaire @enVRF flowlogic system

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CCV, Cassette 900x900 is easily settled in the ceiling little spaces.