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HJD Multisplit compatible

High wall Mono and Premium Multi / DC Inverter

DCI InverterPremium Multi DC Inverter rangeResidential

Of a well-kept finish, wall HJD settles down in Split. HJD was designed with the last technological breakthroughs, DC Inverter and Sterionizer.


→ High wall line available in capacities 2.5 up to 7.5 kW.
→ Glossy designed unit.
→ Wireless remote control included with option of wired control.
→ DC Inverter and sine wave compressor drive technolgy.
→ -15°C operating in heating.
→ Cooling & heating operation mode.
→ “I feel” function with precise room temperature control.
→ Heating mode only as an option.

Product advantages

→ Multi layer air purification combine anti virus by sterionizer system and electrostatic filter for small particules 0.01 μ. that provides exceptional air quality.
→ Motorized air control in 4 directions right to left and up to down.
→ Possibility to connect to alarm output unit ON/OFF output human presence detector and group control.
→ Heating only mode force option.

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Cooling : 3.6 kW – Heating : 4kW

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Compact and quiet, the EAV air-conditioning system is provided with a high efficiency filter G3. EAV associates, internal well-being and air quality.


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Thanks to its shutters and blades with a wide angle, the FAV solution allows a precise control of the distribution of the air everywhere in the room.