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We spend most of our time in confined spaces. Consequently, we attach greater and greater importance to our indoor own comfort. Naturally, air conditioning can have a major impact on comfort level of your family and become a good asset of your well-being.

Air conditioning solutions are quite wide. Make the right choice can be confusing. Without expert advice you could end up with an air conditioner that will not give you neither comfort or efficiency.

1/ Cooling and heating

Air conditioner can provide cooling or cooling and heating. Warm in winter and cool in summer, a reverse cycle room air conditioner will put the climate in your control throughout all seasons. Also a constant innovation and quality leads to the development of many energy saving solution compared to other traditional heating system.

2/ A Specific wordbook

Type Détails Avantages
Monobloc Compact units combine the indoor and the outdoor part in one single unit • Compact
• Portable
• No installation costs
• entry-level solution
• ease to maintain
Split (Mono et Multisplit) The Mono Split systems connect one indoor unit to one outdoor unit. The Multi split systems are used to connect several indoor units to one external unit. • R410A refrigerant
• discreet design
• great accuracy in controlling air quality and temperature
• Otimal efficiency (class A)
Ducted Ducted units are instaled in your ceiling with only grills mounted in ceiling or floor visible, ducted systems do not intrude into the overall look of your rooms. • Discreet
• Each room can be conditioned separately
• Centralized controller up to 16 units
Vitesse fixe Fixed Speed Units have a single speed compressor motor that is either on or off. • easy to use and maintain
• reliable
Inverter Inverter technology is adjusting power to reach your desired temperature faster then steadily maintain it without fluctuation. • wide indoor units selection
• efficient to reach desired temperature
• ease operation mode
• Energy savings

3/ Which capacity do you need ?

To buy an energy-efficient room air conditioner, you must first determine what capacity, or size, you need. This is important for two reasons:

– An undersized unit won’t cool adequately in extremely hot weather.
– An oversized air conditioner can also adversely affect your comfort. The unit may consume more energy than necessary.

General rules around 100 watts per m2 or 30 à 40 watts per m3
+ 100 watts per person
+ 50 watts per appliances
+ 100 watts per lighting
+ 100 watts pour une exposition au nord
400 watts pour une exposition au sud

The size of your home is obviously one of the largest factors in determining the right airconditioning size, but it’s not the only one.

You must also consider your home’s orientation (relative to the sun’s); how well it is shaded; the number and size of windows as well as which directions they face; You may also consider the coefficient of performance or COP which is a ratio of heating or cooling provided to electrical energy consumed and the Energy Efficiency Ratio – EER – which is used to define cooling efficiencies of air-conditioning systems. For a private house, you may choose a unit which COP is above 3.6 and which EERis at least 3.2.

4/ Air conditioning = Proved energy saving

According to studies done among three different geographical areas, for a 100 m2 house, the figures show :

Heating operation mode only : air conditioning system allows savings around :
50 % versus electric heating
35 % versus fuel heating
8 % versus gas heating

Heating and cooling operation mode : air conditioning system allows savings around :
– 25 % versus electric heating
– 8 % versus fuel heating

A constant focus on developing and innovating boosted new technologies. Thus some comfort functions of indoor units allow a precise temperature control by using remote control temperature sensor (function I FEEL chez AIRWELL) . Programming. This function provides for deferred unit ON/OFF control optimizing user comfort and energy savings.

5/ Air conditioner and air quality

Another innovation relative to air quality is THE STERIONIZER technology which generates negative and positive oxygen ions causing an electrical chemical reaction that eradicates viruses, bactieria… Creating and bringing a natural air quality to the living environment.

The active carbon filter is also essential to clean the air from particles…

Warning : to maintain air-conditioners high-efficiency, the filters should be changed regularly by your installor.

6/ Air conditioning and noise level

During the last years, the noise-level reduction became a major issue. Airwell’s units are equipped with advanced design for very low sound level comparable to your computer’s noise level.

7/ Professionnal to serve you

Making the right choice is also, selecting the right professional of the Airwell network. .He will help you in your choice according to your specifications, giving you efficient support, and ensuring maintenance.